Through The Letterbox

It’s bank holiday Monday of the summer half term and yesterday Dear Neighbour finally dropped!


Housemates were roped in to filling envelopes and making blobs of blu-tack, and then I skipped down the street with my postbag. Except it was actually quite nerve-wracking; I walked furtively, glancing over my shoulder between houses. Even though I had tried to work around being intrusive, it felt a bit uncomfortable stopping at every door, especially those that had brushy bit in their letterbox or ‘No Junk Mail’ emblazoned across it. Curtains twitched but I was heartened when I heard a little voice shout triumphantly “It’s got blu-tack!!”





Just as I was reaching the end of the row of odd numbers, a lady ran up the road towards me. Uh oh. I remembered my risk assessment. Say it’s an art project. Say it’s for Uni. I didn’t need to worry, she just wanted to know more about it – her children were excited and she wanted to tell me who else on the street would definitely join in, it appears some people do actually know their neighbours! We had a lovely chat and I told her about some of my ideas, she was really enthused and I realised that yes, it had already worked. With Conversation 1 under my belt I’m sure that a few things were being said behind closed doors and in the evening I had an excited text message from one of my flatmates – they’d spotted the first portrait up in a window. There are PARTICIPANTS!!


I asked my neighbours to put up their drawings by Wednesday, so watch this space!


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