Hot off the Press – Crayon Portraits in Time Out London!

Dear all,

Almost exactly a month ago I printed out a letter to all of my neighbours and skipped down my street posting them through every letterbox. Actually, it was more than a shuffle than a skip because it was quite nerve-wracking, a few curtains twitched as I defied ‘No Junk Mail’ signs, stuffing my letter through the brushy bits as quickly as I could. But my letter wasn’t junk, it was pretty friendly, a bit playful and there was a plan…


the letter

In the following week about 35 houses had followed my letter’s instructions and they had stuck up a group portrait in their front window using the crayons and Blu-Tack in the envelope so anyone and everyone could see it from the pavement. And so the street became our own little pop-up portrait gallery and I took some pictures to make a short video to put up on this blog as a record of all of these amazing crayon faces, smiles, cats, messages and more cats!


Most houses have left up their drawings after the week of the project, so perhaps this little exhibition is going to become our street’s permanent collection! Even more portraits have gone up recently; one finally solves the mystery of the black fluffy cat that I mentioned in my letter, who despite being curled up on my chair as I write, actually does have his own home up the street! I also spied a crayon masterpiece this week too, Man and his Cat I think I’ll call it.

cat explanation

So he’s called Geoffrey…

man and cat

Man and his Cat








The excitingness continues: today there’s a piece about Dear Neighbour in Time Out London! It’s part of this week’s London loves you issue (page 16) in a feature about 7 lovely London projects and the link above will take you to a bit about Dear Neighbour their blog.

TO article

Hopefully lots of people will hear about the project now and I’d love to hear if you’d like Dear Neighbour to come to where you live, please do send me a message. This summer I’ll be making plans to make the project bigger and better and now that my student loan’s all gone I’m planning to set up a crowd funding campaign to buy more crayons!


Love from Jemima

P.S. Keep in touch, I really would like to know what you think




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