About Me

Hello. If you’d like to know a bit about me I live in Stepney, London, which was about as far as I could get from my dairy farm upbringing in the West Country. Wide-eyed, I moved to East London as a student and tried to catch up with the culture that I had never had much access to. But I soon realised that lots of Londoners don’t actually go to all the free arts places I love, and so I started organising trips for older people through a local inter-generational arts charity, Magic Me.  London is now ‘home’ but I still miss knowing some of my neighbours and having shopkeepers call me ‘dear’.

At the Southbank Centre for a concert (I'm third from right)

At the Southbank Centre for a free concert with Magic Me participants! (I’m third from right)


Dear Neighbour is my response to living on a street where I still don’t know anyone while at the same time thinking about a way to make the arts more accessible. If I can’t change the (art) world, then perhaps I can change a street…



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